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Team Building Classes

Team Building ClassesAn ocean of strength requires many drops of water...

  • Problem Solve
  • Bring Teams Together
  • Help Struggling Members Unite
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Ethical Behavior Reinforcement
  • Rise & Shine Standards
  • The Gift of Patience

Effective Experiences Starting at $59 per Attendee




Epicurean events are offered day & evenings, seven days a week, for groups of 6 - 48 guests.



As you look over our offerings, consider what is the purpose of your event?

Team Building Pasta Classes
  • A Simple Day Away from the Office?
  • Out of the Box Problem Solving?
  • New Beginning/ Fresh Start?
  • Improved Communication?
  • Elimination of Aggression?
  • Improved Effectiveness?
  • Positive Change?
  • Merging Teams?
  • Reward Event?
  • Downsizing?
  • Inclusion?

Note:  Off-Site Events are Available

Singular focus by a team is accomplished by eliminating...

Jealousy, Misunderstanding, Apathy, Fatigue, Boredom, Vague Communication, & Fear of Failure.


Activity Fundamentals

 The Local Epicurean brings teams together through the experience of cooking.

The most comfortable space for humans for a millennia is preparing and eating the bounty of this great earth.

It was the beginning of gatherings, and the culmination of the hard work to achieve a bountiful harvest.

The Local Epicurean brings teams into a space where we have already adapted to non-aggression, competition and teamwork to create a positive end result for everyone.


Team Building Food Classes

Team Bonding Activities for Every Budget (8 Guest Minimum)


Mystery Basket Challenge
Teams create their own Tiramisu or British Trifle from a mystery crate of ingredients in this popular desert challenge.
$59.00 per person

Cocktails & Butter Boards
Make seasonal cocktails or Mocktails with our trained mixologist while making Sweet & Savory Butter Boards.
$69.00 per person

Food for Thought Challenge
Starting with your mystery box of ingredients - create custom Risotto from a table of seasonal vegetables, cheese, chicken & shrimp for the top prize!
$79.00 per person

Three Course Dinner Bonding
Epicurean classic cooking experience. Choose from 18 curated menus. Choices include: gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, beef, lamb, duck, shrimp, lobster & crab.
$99.00 per person

Combination Classes
Team Bonding & Team Challenge. Choose from 18 menus and finish your event with the Mystery Basket Desert Challenge (Save $30.00pp).
$129.00 per person


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