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Team Building Classes

An ocean of strength requires many drops of water...

Team Building Classes
  • Problem Solve
  • Bring Teams Together
  • Help Struggling Members Unite
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Ethical Behavior Reinforcement
  • Rise & Shine Standards
  • The Gift of Patience

Effective Experiences Starting at $59 per Attendee

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Epicurean events are offered day & evenings, seven days a week, for groups of 6 - 48 guests.


As you look over our offerings, consider what is the purpose of your event?

Team Building Pasta Classes
  • A Simple Day Away from the Office?
  • Out of the Box Problem Solving?
  • New Beginning/ Fresh Start?
  • Improved Communication?
  • Elimination of Aggression?
  • Improved Effectiveness?
  • Positive Change?
  • Merging Teams?
  • Reward Event?
  • Downsizing?
  • Inclusion?

Note:  Off-Site Events are Available

Singular focus by a team is accomplished by eliminating...

Jealousy, Misunderstanding, Apathy, Fatigue, Boredom, Vague Communication, & Fear of Failure.

 Activity Fundamentals

The Local Epicurean brings teams together through the experience of cooking.

The most comfortable space for humans for a millennia is preparing and eating the bounty of this great earth.

It was the beginning of gatherings, and the culmination of the hard work to achieve a bountiful harvest.

The Local Epicurean brings teams into a space where we have already adapted to non-aggression, competition and teamwork to create a positive end result for everyone.

Our Most Popular Events...


Tiramisu or Pesto Challenge
In this event, your large group is divided into an equal number of teams and presented with an envelope and mystery basket containing ingredients to create a custom desert or sauce.

Each Team has four minutes to memorize the recipe and process in the envelope. The instructions are then removed before the 30 minutes they are allotted to create the final dish. The team then selects a member to present to the judges.

Observation: memory under time restrictions and stress, team actions – such as allocating members to specific tasks during instruction review, creativity and presentation skills.


Sneak Peak / Memory
Attendees recreate an exact copy of a specific food item shown briefly to the team in a Photo.

Three different rounds give the host insight into learning skills, time management, memory & teamwork.


Bridge Building
Freshly made pasta by attendees is used to make bridges that span from one action to another to reach an island where the achievement of the goal is located.

This exercise allows for the observation of teams learning from other teams best practices and their version of implementation, behavior comparison and time management.


All the News
The attendees, by group, are tasked with creating Fake News headlines based on what they think their department or overall company will achieve in the next year by using pasta as a platform.

Insights:  creativity, forward thinking, positive management of change, goal achievement with an unlikely tool & beginning with the end in mind.


Mystery Box
The group is divided into teams and presented with a mystery basket containing "basic" ingredients for a specific recipe.  Numerous other ingredients are provided to the teams to create a unique seasonal version of the recipe.

The group is judged by designated members on presentation, taste and quality.

Observations:  ability to use varying tools to achieve the desired end result, pride & self starting abilities.


One Question - Ice Breaker
This exercise is frequently used at different times during the overall outing by providing each attendee an envelope with the same important question that each attendee responds to anonymously by writing their response and dropping it into a basket.

Each attendee then chooses an envelope and reads aloud the answer.

Observation:  insight into the spirit of your team.


 All Team Building Classes are paired with the cooking class best suited for your group activity.  One can even be custom created for you.