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“The More you adapt, the more interesting you are”
-Martha Stewart
Local Epicurean is introducing our new private classes and private lounge parties during these unusual times. These private events mirror our popular classes including meals in a private setting for two to ten guests.
Get cooking & get social – safely…

Private Cooking Classes
Choose any of our classes for your day or evening class.  Join us as a party of two or up to ten guests that are known to you.
If you have an existing reservation or a gift card you may apply the value of that purchase toward the class of your choice.
Pricing:  $99.00 per person

Epicurean classes are designed for the adventurous foodie in all of us. For beginners and experienced cooks alike, our hands-on classes offer practical and advanced techniques for making your own delicious creations, and help you build your culinary abilities. During your class, imported cheese, pesto, baguettes, and infused beverages are served to enhance your culinary experience - these are included in the price of the class. After your class, you are elgible for 50% off an Epicurean membership, which includes 5 complimentary bags of pasta throughout the year and 10% off all non-alcoholic purchases at our store.


Popular Classes

Epic Classic Gelato
Italy's Ice Cream!  Learn to make this simple delicious ice cream and take home a quart of your custom favorite.  This unique class includes a Three Course Lunch served during the class.
Offered - Saturday & Sunday @ 11am & 1pm & 3pm

Asian Noodle Class & Three Course Lunch
Celebrate the Chinese New Year and learn the art of Udon Noodle making while enjoying a three course lunch.  Menu:  Asian Cashew Salad, Udon Noodles with Seasonal Vegetables, Shanghai Sauce, Chocolate Dipped Lychee Nuts & Strawberries

Our Pasta 100 Series

Thursday - Saturday
11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M. & 3:00 P.M. & 5:00 P.M.

11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M.

Pasta 101 "Pasta Fundamentals"
Learn to make pasta practically & make it at home without special equipment.
Rolled/ Ribbons & Ravioli

Pasta 102 "Seasonal Gnocchi"
Guests infuse pasta with fresh herbs & seasonal ingredients to make unique & delicious Gnocchi

Pasta 103 "Shape Shifting"
The Four Classic Filled Shapes Mezzaluna/ Ravioli/ Scarpinocc/ Capalletti
choose from unique fillings

Pasta 104 "The Fab Four"
Epicurean's Sauce Class Classic Marinara / Béchamel Basil Pesto/ Puttanesca

Pasta 105 "Extrusion Pasta"
Fusili/ Bucatini Rigatoni/ Macaroni
This class utilizes a Kitchen Aid stand mixer & Extrusion Attachments

Pasta 106 "Gluten Free Lasagna Class"
Learn to make gluten free pasta and assemble a gluten free lasagna to take home as a delicious meal.

More Classes

(unless otherwise specified)
Thursday - Saturday
11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M. & 3:00 P.M. & 5:00 P.M.

11:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M.


Fettuccine Alfredo Lunch & Cooking Class 
Learn the art of making Fettuccine Pasta and Alfredo Sauce from scratch then dine on your creation. Your delicious creation is also served with a Caprese salad of heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and chocolate dipped strawberries for desert.
Offered Saturday & Sunday at 11:00 A.M. or 1:00 P.M.
Weekday events offered for private parties of eight guests or more.

Champagne & Chocolate Buffet Lunch For Private Parties 
Choose from a wide variety of hand made chocolate and and seasonal treats including our popular chocolate sugar waffle, shortbread's, tarts and dipped fruit while sipping on Italian champagne or the popular champagne & peach nectar "Bellini"
Offered Thursday - Sunday from 11:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.

Chocolate 102 Seasonal 
In this hands-on Chocolate Lunch & Cooking Class guests learn to make and dine on Chocolate French Press Espresso, Seasonal Chocolate Sandwiches & Chocolate Dipped Berries. During your sweet lunch learn to make: Chocolate Bark, Chocolate Bowls, Hazelnut Chocolate Butter Cups & classic Chocolate Mousse. Take home all of the chocolate you make during your class!

"Epicurean Toast" Cooking Class & Brunch For Private Parties
In our Brunch & Cooking Class guests learn to make French Press Espresso, Citrus Spritzers, Fruit & Nut Butter, Custard Infused French Toast & Crispy Prosciutto. Perfect weekend date and reservations allow for immediate seating on busy weekends!

Lunch & Pasta Class
Learn the art of pasta & ravioli making from scratch and enjoy a unique lunch prepared by epicurean chef's to compliment your pasta class.  Start your meal with seasonal gazpacho & a delicious selection of our flatbreads Piatta topped cheeses prosciutto & fresh herbs then indulge in chocolate dipped berries.

Fresh Mozzarella & Butter Making
Learn to make curds and then stretch your Mozzarella Brine or cure your creation with EVOO & Herb or Pesto.  Infuse your fresh churned butter with fresh herbs, fruit or floral.

Chocolate Lunch & Chocolate Class
Learn the art of Truffle making while indulging on chocolate waffles & whipped cream, chocolate dipped berries, chocolate Belgium sugar waffle & delicious daily chocolate features.

Five Course Dinner & Exhibition Cooking Class For Private Parties
Welcome back warm summer nights and casual dinners featuring the best of the season. Begin your meal with classic Gazpacho & Goat Cheese Crostini followed by Arugula Caesar & crisp Copa. Your entree is fresh handmade Linguine with Prosciutto & Black Truffles followed by the Italian Burrata Caprese Salad then finish your meal on the sweet side with Mascarpone & Strawberry Tarts.
Offered Wednesday – Sunday Evenings

Champagne Bellini Brunch & Five Course Exhibition Cooking Class For Private Parties
Brunch like the Venetians do with this classic brunch...  Begin your meal with Champagne Bellini & Pistachio Chocolate Strawberries then indulge in Truffles Egg Crostini, Burrata Caprese, Risotto with Asparagus & Prosciutto then finish with fresh Ricotta Cheese, Sweet Cherries, Honey & Pistachios.
Offered Saturday & Sunday

Ruby Chocolate Truffle Class with Champagne For Private Parties
The Mysterious RUBY CHOCOLATE has now arrived and it's delicious. Called the "5th Chocolate" by master chocolate makers this unique Ruby Pink Chocolate has Floral & Citrus undertones and pairs perfectly with champagne. Mold this beautiful chocolate into your own unique Truffles utilizing nuts, fruits & flowers.
Offered Saturday & Sunday

Risotto Class & Dinner
Guests learn the art of perfect Risotto making then enjoy a three course dinner of Spinach Caesar Salad and their Custom Risotto finished with Chocolate Dipped Berries & Infused Beverages
Offered – Friday & Saturday @ 5pm & 7pm & Sun @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Group Holiday Pasta or Chocolate Truffle Class & Buffet For Private Parties
Learn the secrets of making Pasta & Ravioli – Or, Chocolate Truffles while enjoying a full Buffet of Shrimp Cocktail, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, short Rib Beef Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon, Bruschetta Board & Dipped Berries
Offered - Seven Days per Week

"Dinner in Parma" Chicken Parmesan Cooking Class & Three Course Dinner
Learn to make this classic dish form the "Parma" region of Italy famous for Parmesan Cheese while enjoying a Spinach Strawberry Salad with Cheese & Walnuts, Chicken Parmesan with hand made Fettuccine & Tomato Basil Sauce. Finish this delicious meal with fresh baked Tarts filled with Gelato & Seasonal Fruit.
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Sicilian Scampi Class & Dinner
This class features the best of the Island of Sicily beginning with Lobster Cakes with Pesto Aioli, Shrimp Scampi with hand Made Tortellini / Tomato & Basil Sauce & Lemon & Basil Gelato
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Lobster Pasta Class & Dinner
Guests prepare with our instructor a rich three course dinner beginning with Shrimp Scampi Salad, Lobster Manicotti with Tomato Alfredo Sauce and finish with Italian Semifreddo. Class attendees dine on each course as it’s completed.
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Umbrian Steak Dinner & Cooking Class
The Umbrian region of Italy is best known for Beef & Red Wine. We combine both in this unique class featuring – Black Olive Pesto Caesar Salad, Seared Garlic Sirloin, handmade Linguini w/ Mushroom & Artichoke Sauce & Chocolate Tiramisu
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

"Michigan Morel" Dinner & Cooking Seasonal Class (Spring & Early Summer) 
Celebrate spring and early summer with this classic menu featuring pan seared morels atop arugula & Chevre salad paired with a Michigan bourbon morel sauce & porcini dusted chicken with hand made fresh angel hair pasta - Finish this classic meal with strawberry basil gelato shortcake.
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Night in Naples Dinner & Cooking Seasonal Class (Autumn & Winter)
Warm Mediterranean nights with sea breeze and this classic autumn menu make for a great night out – Three cheese prosciutto & Spinach Salad, Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce & Pumpkin Gelato
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Dinner in Portofino & Cooking Class
This quaint seaside town is best known for its spectacular views and a specialty chicken dish, “Milanese” – start your dinner off with Sun-dried Pesto Caesar, Chicken Milanese & Hot Spiced Cherries & Vanilla Gelato
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Dinner in Rome Cooking Class
Enjoy a delicious and authentic three course dinner you prepare with our instructor. Dine on Roasted Garlic Caesar Salad, White Chicken Lasagna & Flambé of Pears with Gelato & Sugar Fingers. Class attendees dine on each course as it’s completed.
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Dinner in Venice Cooking Class
Enjoy this delicious northern Italian meal prepared with our instructor while dining on Prosciutto Salad, handmade Tortellini with Classic Beef Bolognese sauce & rich Italian Cherry Cream Cake
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Tuscan Dinner Cooking Class
Guests prepare with our instructor an authentic three course Tuscan dinner beginning with a classic caprese Salad tossed with our house made mozzarella, Roast Chicken Cannelloni with a Marsala Wine Sauce and lastly a luscious just made Tiramisu. Class attendees dine on each course as it’s completed.
Offered Thursday @ 6pm - Friday @ 5pm & 7pm - Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm, 5pm & 7pm


** Private Classes are available at anytime for groups of 2 - 48 guests.**
Cooking class deposits and payments are non-refundable but are fully transferable to future events with us.

** Please ask about Group Discounts.**