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Local Epicurean is introducing our new private classes and private lounge parties during these unusual times. These private events mirror our popular classes including meals in a private setting for two to forty-eight guests.

Cancellation Policy & Late Arrivals
You must contact us at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled reservation to reschedule without incurring a reschedule fee. If you cancel your reservation within 72 hours of your scheduled reservation there is a $25.00 per person reschedule fee.

If your late arrival causes your class start time to be delayed 30 minutes or more there is a $25.00 per person fee. There is a possibility we may not be able to go-forward with your class due to your late arrival and other classes scheduled around your reservation. In this case, there is also a reschedule fee of $25.00.

Deposits & Payments
All deposits and payments are non-refundable but are fully transferable if rescheduled within six months of original reservation date. 
Get cooking & get social – safely…

Cooking Classes & Three Course Meals

Seven Days Per Week @ 11am – Noon – 1pm – 2pm – 3pm – 4pm – 5pm – 6pm & 7pm

Advance reservations are required by phoning (616) 206-5175.
Monday classes are available by request for large parties.

Private Cooking Classes
Choose any of our classes for your day or evening class.  Join us as a party of two or up to ten guests that are known to you.  If you have an existing reservation or a gift card you may apply the value of that purchase toward the class of your choice.



 The Pasta “100 Series”
Three Course Meal after your class featuring your Hand-Crafted Creations Caprese Salad Lemoncello Sorbetto.

Pasta 101
“Pasta Fundamentals”
Learn to make pasta practically without special equipment Rolled / Ribbons & Ravioli
$99.00 per person

Pasta 102
“Seasonal Gnocchi”
Guests infuse pasta with Parmesan cheese & fresh herbs to make unique & delicious Gnocchi
$99.00 per person

Pasta 103
“Signature Scissor Noodles”
Learn the art of this unique pasta infused with basil in a Sun-dried tomato pesto sauce
$99.00 per person


Steak & Raviolo Brunch
Best brunch in GR!
In this class, guests learn to make delicious egg & cheese “Raviolo”
~The Classic Roman Breakfast~

1st Course
Burrata Caprese Salad
heirloom tomatoes / 25 YO balsamic / EVOO

2nd Course
Tenderloin Raviolo
whole egg & cheese stuffed raviolo atop pan seared beef tenderloin with bearnaise sauce

3rd Course
Hand Made Gelato
vanilla bean gelato / lemon curd / berries

$99.00 per person
Offered Tuesday - Sunday 11am to 7pm / on the hour


Fog Smoked Risotto Class & Dinner
Guests learn the art of perfect Risotto making then enjoy a three-course dinner of Panzanella Salad and their Custom butternut squash Risotto finishing with handmade Apricot Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


“Morel Mushroom”
Enjoy this classic menu featuring butter sauteed morels bruschetta with fennel & fig balsamic – then indulge on Madeira chicken with morels tossed with handmade spinach “chitarra” noodles. Finish this classic seasonal meal with Apricot Sorbetto.
$119.00 per person


Calabria Rack of Lamb
Learn the secrets of making authentic Rack of Lamb, rosemary pecorino pesto and handmade spaghetti – surrounded by a first & third course of Romaine Wedge Salad with Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette and Lemon & Pear Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Sicilian Scampi
This class features the best of the Island of Sicily beginning with Burrata Caprese Salad, Shrimp Scampi & hand Made Tortellini / Tomato & Basil Sauce & Lemoncello Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Diver Scallop 
Guests prepare with our instructor a rich three course dinner beginning with Lemon Goat Cheese Wedge Salad, Pan-seared Lemon Scallops atop Scissor noodles and Spinach Cream Sauce. Complete your meal with a luscious house made Lemoncello Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Piedmont Black Truffle
Arugula salad with truffled Brie croutons, Bordeaux dark cherry balsamic vinaigrette complimented by hand made fettuccini with fresh black truffles, foraged mushrooms & parmesan cream sauce. Complete this delicious combination with Pear Sorbetto
$119.00 per person


Ligurian Lobster
From Italy’s famous region for shellfish comes this delicious menu of Roasted Garlic Wild Caught Prawn Scampi with Fennel & Tomatoes followed by rich ricotta & lemon tortellini topped with a warm water lobster tail & Fortified Sherry cream sauce  – then indulge in Lemoncello Sorbetto
$129.00 per person


Umbrian Tenderloin Steak
The Umbrian region of Italy is best known for Beef & Red Wine. We combine both in this unique class featuring – Burrata Caprese Salad, Seared Garlic Steak topped with Wild Ramp Butter, handmade Linguini with Sun-dried Tomato Pecorino Pesto & Peach Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Chicken Parmesan “Parma” Dinner
The region of Parma, Italy  known for cheese and of course classic Chicken Parmesan. Begin this delicious meal with a roasted garlic romaine & prosciutto wedge Salad and then learn the art of true Chicken Parmesan with handmade Fettuccini and fresh Blistered Tomato Sauce then on to Peach Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


 Tomahawk Chop Ribeye  (Bistecca alla Fiorentina)
Begin this Italian adventure with a crispy prosciutto arugula & Pecorino salad then indulge in the famous 2lb Tuscan garlic & rosemary chop. Compliment this feast with linguini Cacio e Peppe and then savor a fresh churned Apricot Sorbetto
$119.00 per person


Venetian Maderia Duck
The island of Venice is famous for its delicious duck. Pan seared & caramelized in an intense Maderia mushroom sauce served with smoked hand made pasta. Begin this feast with our Heirloom Apple Salad and Gorgonzola Dolce then chill with the classic Apple Sorbetto
$109.00 per person


“Italian Islands”  Soft Shell Crab
Celebrate summer with this classic menu featuring Scallops on the Half Shell atop Creamed Parmesan Spinach. Your delicious entrée is lightly battered Soft-Shell Crab accompanied by a Lemon-Caper Aioli with Fog Smoked Fennel-Lemon Asiago Risotto – Finish this classic with Lemoncello Sorbetto
$109.00 per person


Dinner in Venice
Enjoy this delicious northern Italian meal while dining on Roasted Garlic Caesar Wedge Salad featuring handmade Five Cheese Tortellini tossed with Beef Bolognese Sauce and a grand finale of Apple Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Tuscan Roast Chicken Cannellini
Guests prepare with our instructor an authentic three course Tuscan dinner beginning with a classic Caprese Salad tossed with our house made mozzarella, Roast Chicken Cannelloni with a Marsala Wine Sauce and lastly a luscious just made Apricot Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Eggplant Parmesan Lasagna
Begin this delicious Roasted Garlic Caesar Wedge Salad and learn to make classic Cheese Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan Lasagna topped with Blistered Tomato Basil Sauce then indulge in hand made Peach Sorbetto
$99.00 per person


Advance reservations are required by phoning (616) 206-5175.


** Private Classes are available at anytime for groups of 2 - 48 guests.**
Cooking class deposits and payments are non-refundable but are fully transferable to future events with us.